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Areas of Expertise

Women's Reproductive Health:

Whether you are navigating fertility issues, IVF, reoccurring pregnancy loss, perinatal mood disorders, or postpartum mood disorders I am here to work with you. These issues can be isolating and it can feel important to speak with a professional who truly understands this world. Through our work together I hope to stand with you during this uncertain and challenging time. We will work together to find ways to help you cope with your new reality, wherever you fall on the spectrum of parenthood from challenges in conceiving to new motherhood.


Adolescent and Young Adult Individual Therapy:

There are many reasons why adolescents and children might need to seek the help of a psychotherapist. I work with a variety of different issues that might bring a young person in for mental health services. If you are struggling with a clinically diagnosable mental illness such as depression, or behavioral issues associated with attention-deficit disorder, I will work with the individual and the family toward stabilization, symptom reduction, and greater ease in all areas of life. However, I also work closely with the daily life transitions and changes that young adults struggle with including but not limited to: changing schools, moving, academic pressure, social pressure, social media anxiety, and challenging family dynamics. 

It is my hope that I can cultivate a relationship of safety, trust and engagement where a young adult can feel more free to express their fears, and anxieties within the secure boundaries of the therapist-patient dyad. I am a firm believer that through impactful relationships, young adults can free themselves of social anxiety, self-esteem/self-worth issues, and negative, intrusive thoughts.  

Adult Individual Therapy:

The relationship between therapist and patient is the most important aspect of treatment and what leads to real change in our lives. My goal is to work collaboratively with you in an environment that feels safe and judgment free to navigate what you are going through. Sometimes we come to therapy for concrete help with our career, difficult family dynamics, or interpersonal relationships, and other times there is an overwhelming feeling that something is missing or unsettling about our lives but we cannot identify it. Here in this secure space we will work together on these challenges. 

Couples Therapy

Intimate-partner relationships play one of the most important roles in our life. Whether you are dealing with significant struggles in your relationship, or are just seeking more effective communication, couples therapy can bring impactful, positive change into your life. 

Family Therapy

Family can play a very big part in our life. Whether our family is composed of blood relatives, adopted parents, or a foster family, these relationships affect who we are and who we become. Perhaps a big life event has shifted dynamics in the family unit, or individuals are struggling to communicate with one another. Either way, I want to work with you to help the family system function at its best so that individual members of the family feel emotionally safe and more deeply understood. 

My Approach

I believe the most important element of effective psychotherapy is the genuine connection between the patient and therapist. My approach to therapy is interactive, supportive, and empathic. I see psychotherapy as a creative process and my patients as co-partners in this process of exploration and discovery.


Together, we will work in an atmosphere of acceptance and safety with the ultimate goal of greater self-awareness, freedom from negative intrusive thoughts/self-criticism, emotional comfort, and relationship satisfaction. Therapy is a personal journey we will travel together bringing us both challenges and great rewards.

My Approach
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